Would My Home Be a Good Candidate for Home Staging?

Over their years in business, JKN Designs has learned that most of the time, people cannot differentiate between the emotional tie they have to how their house is appointed, and what it actually needs to look like in order to sell. Typically there is a large disparity between the two. In the majority of cases, the way a home is furnished and accessorized by the seller is not going to appeal to a larger audience. We all know that there is a full array of clientele combing through countless MLS listings online as they seek to find just the home for them. If ten people are viewing your house listing online, your goal as the seller is to have all ten like what they see and feel moved to take action by scheduling a viewing. This makes home staging ideal because your goal as the seller is to sell your house quickly.

The truth is, most buyers have trouble envisioning furniture in the spaces of an empty home. Similarly, the majority of buyers find it difficult to mentally replace the sellers’ home contents with their own home furniture and accessories. This is where home staging comes in as the difference maker. JKN Designs knows how to take a space and define it through relevant furnishings and accessories. When a potential home buyer sees a clean vignette in a room, and nooks appointed thoughtfully, they quickly see the potential for the space, and make an emotional connection with the home itself. A space looks cleaner and more put together when sparsely and intentionally appointed. Rarely can a homeowner achieve this when their home is filled with years of furniture and collectibles.

Are you looking for a home stager or interior design firm in the Bluffton Area? If so, we can serve you by achieving the following:

  • helping you with the frustrating aspects of your home
  • creating a specific look and feel in your home
  • choosing furniture with the proper look and scale
  • selecting accessories that further your aesthetic
  • hanging pictures which reflect you and your life (We measure three times, and nail once!)
  • transforming unused spaces into functional areas
  • Utilizing the unique aspects of your house creatively
  •  Featuring your home’s interior in order to captivate potential buyers 

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