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JKN Designs has a proven track record of employing their data driven, home staging expertise to sell homes quickly. Since that is the goal of every seller, you’ll want to make calling JKN Designs part of your ‘due diligence’ as you anticipate listing your home.

Why Make JKN Designs Your Number One Choice When Searching for a Home Staging Company?

It’s one thing for a staging company to employ people who can tastefully arrange a room, but it’s quite another for that process to be grounded in market research which has dictated the scale, style, color, and design of each furniture piece and every accessory, not to mention the overall aesthetic of the entire home.

When the objective is to sell a home fast, details matter. Market research matters. Janelle knows this, both intuitively and experientially, which is why every client of JKN receives this high level service regardless of how large or small the job is. That is the JKN edge when it comes to comparing home staging services in the Lowcountry.

No other company offers the professional edge that JKN possesses because of Janelle’s expertise. It’s almost like you’re hiring a real estate guru, a top-notch marketing company, and a fabulous interior designer all in one when you hire JKN Designs. Like mixing beautiful paint colors, which effortlessly complement each other, what results is a surprising and stunning hue every time.

What to Expect When You Call
JKN Designs to Stage Your Home

It starts with a phone call. When you call JKN Designs, you can expect to be greeted by a professional JKN Designs team member who will outline an overview of the staging process. Staging starts with scheduling a walk through of the house. This happens either the same week of your call, or the week after.

JKN Designs prefers an empty house, but since every client is different, this is not a requirement. Flexibility is central to how JKN Designs does business because they understand that every single client has their own expectations of the staging process involved in their move.

During this initial step of walkthrough, JKN staff walks through the house and makes a full assessment. They evaluate the spaces involved in the staging job, and from the evaluation, they draft a proposal detailing an overview of the job along with corresponding pricing. Typically, this proposal is sent within twenty four hours. A contract is then signed by both parties. Then, once a deposit is received, JKN Designs starts working on a detailed design plan. This usually takes between three and five days to complete. Next, JKN Designs schedules the installation appointment.

The Difference Is
In The Details

Here is another area in which JKN differentiates itself from other companies in their space. Because they deal in high end brands, JKN Designs does not trust just any movers to handle their inventory and installs. In fact, they employ whom Madison calls ‘the best movers in town’ – a company which actually gets it and cares. They are movers who are up to the task of offering white glove level service commensurate with the luxury staging and design services JKN Designs provides. In most cases, JKN Designs can arrange for an install day within two weeks of completing the design plan.

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