Let’s Get Real – Real Estate Observations

Here’s the scoop… After having photographed around 800 homes, I can tell you 7 statistics:

1. Homes with Deep Yellow Family Rooms and Red Dining Rooms sell the slowest. This is because people tend to only see those colors when looking for their new home and even though they can paint another color easily, not everyone is able to imagine a room painted differently.

2. Homes with pale blues and pastels always sell the fastest. Actually faster than with one neutral color or painted just white. Blues in general bring more views to photos and more calls to view.

3. Homes with freshly painted very light grays in the kitchen sell the FASTEST. People love knowing they can move right in and make it theirs on this neutral palette.

4. Buttercream cabinets in kitchens seem to date homes according to potential buyers. I have watched a nice home sit unsold with those cabinet colors and be relisted with them painted gray or white and sell in 24 hrs.

5. People LOVE to see new light fixtures.

6. WHITE LED lighting throughout a house can bring a faster sale than yellow lighting or lamps. It isn’t a guarantee, but I see it happen A LOT.

7. Younger buyers are more likely to buy ANY home that has been staged. I mean ANY. Buyers LOVE to see “what could be”.

(General Real Estate Observations from Robin Gatti Real Estate Photography )